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Internet is full of blogs nowadays with so many bloggers trying to dominate the blogging community, expecting to be successful like others who have written their fate just by blogging. It is very rare to find such bloggers who are dedicated to their goals and sometimes it is funny that the majority of these bloggers quit within a month or two. So why does this happen, why do people fail to improvise and stay in the competition.

Here we have few observations why people quit so soon.

1. No fixed aim: Bloggers fail to identify their own potential and their aim while starting a blog. Before achieving a goal we must know what we want to achieve. Goals can be achieved by planning and determination. Bloggers don’t set a time based goal; which is very important. A time based goal has more chances of success than a goal without deadline. Some bloggers are trend setters but unfortunately many are mere followers who tend to follow other successful bloggers and try to copy their style of writing and content. If you want to be successful at blogging be sure of what you want to do, set an aim first. Planning is second phase

2. Lack of Passion: Lack of passion is one of the major reasons why most bloggers fail online, they don’t have any passion for blogging, and they just began blogging because they saw a particular “popular blogger” make six figures blogging. They only went into blogging because of the money. Passion is a key element to successful blogging so you have to make sure you are blogging about your passion. Your passion must not be too insane rather; I mean not what others don’t like. If you blog about what no other person loves then there is no how you can get people to your blog. You have to look for what is closer to your passion and develop a strong affection towards it, in this form it will become part of you soon. It is also very important to blog about your passion so that you will not quit blogging soon.

2.      Lack of Creativity: As bloggers, we must be able to be creative and come up with new ideas on our own. Great and successful bloggers don’t just follow the norm, they all have their own ideas, they are creative in one form or the other which is what leads to their success. Many bloggers try to build traffic to their blog using only strategies like blog commenting, social bookmarking e.t.c. Not that all these things don’t work anymore, they work quite effectively but are already saturated so in order to achieve success more easily you have to come up with something different.


3.      Greed to earn: Many new bloggers only start blogging with the intention to earn which is why they quit after not earning enough within a short period of time. Your main intention for blogging should not just be to earn or make money from your blog but rather to impact lives, establish yourself as an authority and some other valuable things. You shouldn’t just expect to eat without working; your blog is not just a platform to make you eat while being lazy. Get off yourself that old mentality: “make money doing nothing”. I don’t think it is possible to make money doing nothing, try to give value, build your trust, gain credibility for yourself and you will reap the rewards.

4.          Lack of personality: You should not fail to realize the importance of personality in your blog; try to be as personal as possible. Blogs are not a medium for scamming, blogs are used to build your credibility and establish yourself. If you think you can just setup a blog with the intention of scamming people, then you are deceiving yourself. Use your real name, add a picture of yourself, don’t use another persons writing style. Be yourself and yourself only. It is also very important to have an about page which will tell your readers more about you. “You cannot be me and I cannot be you, Try to be yourself.”

5.      Ignoring SEO: Oh! You want to build that great empire? But you have forgotten that it is only little drops of rain that fills the bucket. You hate Google, you hate Yahoo and you hate all those search engines, you just don’t like them. You are human, so why should you be working for robots. You are not deceiving me, but are only deceiving yourself. Try to learn SEO and use it to your benefit, you will love yourself for it. Another great secret is that search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic you can ever have because those who come through search engines are very desperate for information and are ready to stay if you give them what they want.

6.      Lack of concentration: Many bloggers fail to concentrate on one blog, they move to another one without having success with the first one. Stop building “hundreds” of blogs, focus on one. If you have established your first blog, you can then move to another one. It takes a lot to build a successful blog and concentrating your attention on too many blogs at a time won’t do you any good.

You now see why so many bloggers fail, learn from the above points and try to avoid them as much as possible and I bet you will be successful in “no time”

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