What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source blogging tool and a Content Management System(CMS) based on two languages (PHP and MySQL), which is totally free out on net. Now as it is open source Content Management System, one who is having basic internet skill can easily learn how to use WordPress to build websites. But that not help one to be called as WordPress Developer.

Who is a WordPress Developer?
A WordPress Developer is the one who can create custom plugins and different plugins for different websites. Also, he is the one who can create different themes for WordPress. A WordPress Expert is often a PHP developer but vice versa is not always true. He is the one who understands every inner function of WordPress and then entirely dig some new therapies. Giving this title to a person who is not familiar to the WordPress functions and can’t create something new as well as not a part of coding is not worthy.

What is WordPress Development?
WordPress Development is a line of work having (PHP) the backbone, but apart from this it also requires a core knowledge of WordPress library functions and many other practises to produce an amazing WordPress Based Product. Now Developing WordPress Plugins, creating a new theme and fading the worst circumstances and making the product work properly on all the platforms. And all this needs a very good base knowledge of WordPress and a good amount of skills regarding PHP.
Prime goals of a WordPress Developer

The WordPress Developer have a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS. A very keen understanding of PHP and JavaScript. In addition to this if going to dive in the backend process they too have a great Database knowledge.

Now what a WordPress Developer does to have this tag?
Firstly, A “Base plan” or “Planning”. Lack of plan creates many issues. Being a good planner is a real asset for WordPress Developers. Developers knows every detail of their product and plan. For instance, these are the questions they always put up in their mind before starting, will this new project interfere with any of the existing projects.?? What should be the deadline to make it more effective? Do I have the basic tools to complete it? And many more. So, the very first thing do after getting a project… “outline goals of the project – both large and small – and attach deadlines to them. And at some places break the large tasks to small tasks to create more of focus and a clear vision over the productivity.

Secondly, an approach for Marketing, It is not something you can create by reading the book. It needs you to develop through a combination of knowing the product and how this product can help various customers. The key to success is here to know your customer so that your project can be an asset for you as well as your customers.

Thirdly, “An ability to Represent”, i.e.  there will come a time when you need to distribute your some of the tasks to other people to go out there in market so that you can judge your business of development is growing. To know that your development needs to be represent is a good sign of being a good leader and that is done by choosing a highly qualified people for the team.
Next comes, a Developer has a idea “when to Move on”, it is a very harsh truth but need to accept it. Not every development project going to work out in the market.  And once the acceptance is the head, it’s a one step towards your success. And after that checking your mistakes whether they may be including the use of poor resources, knowing the difference between the non- professional and professional, but still it’s a lesson for the next coming development project. Having this mind makes him a great Developer.

And most importantly, “An eagerness to know what’s is next”. As said the nature of a developer is to have a curiosity. They always stay tuned to the new upcomings, changes done and latest updates whether in WordPress development or something else. And this is the major leading key in making them successful. Plus, if stay tuned that what are the future core releases then they might better anticipate what new things one can add to their project helping them in making it useful. Also, one might better anticipate what new features need to be included and what might be outdated.

So, the Core Development team is always working hard trying new things and improving the basic functionalities. Developers are also capable of planning, targeting, focusing, marketing and understanding when the project needs to go out. And these all changes makes the project a successful project.