1- Updation of WordPress

It is very necessary to keep your WordPress up to date and that is something which you need to always remember. Whenever WordPress is giving an alert of updating of WordPress then you should never miss it. Because that means they have fixed some bugs and added some new features and most importantly, security. They add some security features and fixes so it is necessary to update your WordPress.

Secondly, you should always keep in mind whichever theme or plugin you are using is compatible with the latest version of Word Press.

2-Update WordPress Plugins

It is very important to keep your plugins updated.  Always use plugins which are continuously updated and gives a good support. If you are dependent on plugins which are not updated   is not going to help you.

3-Use of a Complex Login Password

It’s better to make the passwords complex. It is better to add a special characters (% & ^ # @), etc. Secondly, you should keep on changing on regular intervals..

Also, how you should protect yourself from getting hacked your data-

Install a good licensed anti-virus or if you don’t have we can provide you for your website.

Never ever trust warez sites. There is a lot of malware flowing out there.So, it is very important to create a smart and strong password to secure your

4-You need to always check the WordPress folder file permissions. When most bloggers change hosting, they don’t realize how their file permissions also get changed. Make sure you verify all file permissions after migrating your hosting. And if you want to know how to check  folder file we are always there for your help. We will provide you certain directions and you will proceed towards your folder.

5-Turn Off Database Errors

Previously it was seen in WordPress that if there was errors in MySql database then it always shows the exact error on the browser and that acts as a major help for hacker in letting known about your important information. SO, now to prevent this out you need to update your Word Press, you need to update your WordPress to the latest version so that you are known about the security measures  and it will show a general message “Database Connection Error” instead of giving the whole information.

SO, there are many more ways you need to secure your webpage. And for this we are always there for your help. Standing at each edge we will provide you the terms so that your webpage stay protected.